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Our Services

Telephone Systems

Tafari Consulting is a Certified Fortinet phone partner, although we can assist you with any other vendor’s system. Call for more details! Tafari Consulting is very good at listening your needs.

Procurement & Deployment

We can be the only call you need to make for all of your I.T. needs. We procure, configure, deploy, document & maintain any I.T. related aspect of business. This frees you up to do what you do best- focus on growing your business.

Desk-Side Fix

Is it a hardware or software issue? Every member of our team has a break/fix background. We believe that this is mandatory to have a full understanding of where a problem lives. This leads to quick and accurate isolation of problems. Every member of our team is A+ Certified.

Custom Solutions

We excel at custom solutions. Many of our non-profit customers have budgetary constraints which can stifle I.T. mobility. Sometimes we find a customer’s understanding of where they want to be & how to get there, is where the challenge lies. This is where we can help bridge that gap.

Why Choose Tafari Consulting Inc ?

Tafari Consulting has the experience and certifications of a much larger I.T. firm. However, we are still nimble enough to move with our customers changing needs and not be encumbered by bureaucracy, internal road blocks or canned solutions. This along with our competitive rates makes us a logical choice when looking for an I.T. partner.

  • You talk. We listen.
  • You may be closer to your I.T. goals than you think, and -
  • For much cheaper than you thought!

We Also offer

Wireless Solutions

Whether you want a simple & secure access point for convenience at the home or office, or should you need a site-to-site multi-tiered solution.

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Web & E-mail Hosting

We offer custom web design as well as hosting packages for all of our customers. Whether you want someone to maintain your current site, or want to have a new one designed or hosted, contact us!

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Asset Management

Tafari Consulting can manage and maintain your I.T. hardware and software licensing so that, at a glance, you can base decisions on an accurate framework for you.

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Back - Ups

Whether you are looking to ensure your data onsite is backed up locally, or you need an offsite backup solution, your data is safe and secure with us!

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